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Resident Evil 2 Remake Game Review

  This is the scariest and nerve cracking game I played earlier this year. At the beginning I was so nervous that even aiming at the zombies was very challenging for me. I had to watch some play through by famous you tubers to somehow figure out this game. Nonetheless  the game was very [...]

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Cheap DIY CO2 Diffuser for Planted Aquarium

Setting up a Planted Aquarium If you are aquarium hobbyist you might already know what planted aquarium is. Planted aquarium is usually a freshwater aquarium with aquatic plants rooted in the substrate and grown in the aquarium. A well established planted aquarium is a marvelous piece of home decor. Any freshwater aquarium can [...]

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Mass Effect Andromeda Game Review

I have played Mass Effect Andromeda completely and I really enjoyed the game. The game is actually about exploring the Andromeda Galaxy. First of all player Sara or Scott Ryder wakes up in Andromeda Galaxy following a 634 year journey. The Pathfinder and N7 team are travelling in arc Hyperion which got struck by [...]

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Activated Carbon to remove Cloudiness in Aquariums

  Often aquariums face the problem of cloudiness in water or water quality being poor for fishes that affect their health. The cloudiness and dirt are caused due to the waste material accumulated in the aquarium or due to bad water chemistry. One of the solution for address these problems in [...]

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Lumia 1020 Smartphone Review

Nokia has been working for a long in the PureView Technology and with the recent acquisition by Microsoft, it was able to push the boundaries of PureView Technology by incorporating as much as 41 MP in Nokia 808 and Nokia 1020. Nokia 1020 is truly remarkable smartphone that offers PureView Plus Technology and is [...]

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