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Can Samsung Note Stylus be used on iPads & iPhones

AdminAdmin India
edited July 2016 in Computer and Technologies
I am looking for thin tip stylus for iPad I found many but they are all costly if you want thin tip. Some imported from outside. But I came across Samsung note stylus that is very cheap so can this be used on iPads ?


  • After buying a stylus of samsung galaxy note from ebay I found that its not working on ipad mini. So I think Samsung Note Stylus cannot be used on iPads & iPhones.

    This is usual thick stylus that can be used on all touch screen display. But its not that much smooth and is not good for drawing with precision.


    The image below is the Samsung galaxy note stylus and it does not work on iPad mini


    This proves that Samsung stylus is not good for iPads and iPhones.

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