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Model: Discus Fish
Special kind of Discus with Red Checkerboard pattern on the body and predominant white also called Pigeon Checkerboard Discus Fish. Obtain from local ..
₹ 1,000.00
Ex Tax:₹ 1,000.00
Model: Lenovo Legion Stereo Headset-ROW
One of the best gaming headset offered from Lenovo Legion. Good for PC uses like Gaming, Internet Video Calls, Streaming etc. Comes with lots of new f..
₹ 3,400.00
Ex Tax:₹ 3,400.00
Brand: Aqua Design Amano Model: ADA Clean Bottle
ADA Clean Bottle is a plastic bottle for soaking small glass items with Superge solution. You can make a proper cleaning solution easily by filling th..
₹ 1,260.00
Ex Tax:₹ 1,260.00
Brand: Aqua Design Amano Model: ADA Spring Washer
These are spring brushes used to clean aquarium Lily Pipes, filter hoses or any other tubing structure. Through Cleaning of Filter Hose and Lily Pipes..
₹ 2,800.00
Ex Tax:₹ 2,800.00
Brand: Aqua Design Amano Model: ADA Superge 300ml
Superge is a detergent removing the algae stuck on the glass items. Pollen Glass and Lily Pipe become clean in a Superge solution after being soaked f..
₹ 825.00
Ex Tax:₹ 825.00
Brand: Aqua Design Amano Model: Power Cord S-70
Power Cord S-70 is a smart power strip with built-in timer function suitable for Nature Aquarium, Aqua Terrarium and Paludarium (maximum capacity le..
₹ 16,000.00
Ex Tax:₹ 16,000.00
Model: Discus Fish
Special kind of Discus with orange color body and some white patches near gills named as Orange Melon Discus because of uncertainty about the name. Ob..
₹ 3,200.00
Ex Tax:₹ 3,200.00
Model: Discus Fish
Special kind of Brown Curipera Discus Fish with few blue pattern on the body rim and wild black stripes on the body. Obtain from captive cross breedin..
₹ 1,000.00
Ex Tax:₹ 1,000.00
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