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How to become a Billionaire in GTA V

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edited June 2020 in Videos Games

If you have played GTA V or Grand Theft Auto V, you might know that the game rewards players with GTA V dollars when you complete any mission or Heist. When you complete Story mode you could earn more than 30 million GTA V dollars and when you play online and complete jobs you earn more. Now if you have more than billion GTA V dollars then you can buy most of the penthouse, warehouses and many properties. Now to become billionaire in GTA V is not easy. Very few players pull this off but if you follow the method mentioned in below video then you can earn more than 2 billion GTA V dollars easily. This video is for players using consoles but PC gamers also can do similar way but the profit margins are different. Check my channel for video about becoming billionaire in PC GTA V.

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