Treating Sick or Diseased Aquarium Fish

By |2023-01-10T00:27:02+05:30July 28th, 2019|Aquarium & Fish Keeping|

  Its quiet obvious you love your aquarium fish, like any other pets aquarium fish also becomes our intimate friend provided we give proper care and environment for it to live in. But there is something that ruins intimacy or love that you give to your aquarium fish and that is disease or sickness. [...]

Cheap DIY CO2 Diffuser for Planted Aquarium

By |2023-01-10T00:36:05+05:30March 17th, 2019|Aquarium & Fish Keeping|

Setting up a Planted Aquarium If you are aquarium hobbyist you might already know what planted aquarium is. Planted aquarium is usually a freshwater aquarium with aquatic plants rooted in the substrate and grown in the aquarium. A well established planted aquarium is a marvelous piece of home decor. Any freshwater aquarium can [...]

Activated Carbon to remove Cloudiness in Aquariums

By |2021-12-11T22:23:00+05:30May 2nd, 2017|Aquarium & Fish Keeping, Pets & Animals|

  Often aquariums face the problem of cloudiness in water or water quality being poor for fishes that affect their health. The cloudiness and dirt are caused due to the waste material accumulated in the aquarium or due to bad water chemistry. One of the solution for address these problems in [...]

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