Its quiet obvious you love your aquarium fish, like any other pets aquarium fish also becomes our intimate friend provided we give proper care and environment for it to live in. But there is something that ruins intimacy or love that you give to your aquarium fish and that is disease or sickness. In case of aquarium fish disease or sickness attack them due to some condition that go wrong in your aquarium which has enabled the invitation of infecting bacteria, parasite, fungal or other harmful organism growth. It can appear in the aquarium due to over feeding, lack of regular maintenance or any other factor. It can also appear in your aquarium from external source that is for example when you brought in new aquarium fish and put it in your main display aquarium, not knowing that fish or the water in which it was kept had harmful micro organism that can cause disease or sickness not only to your new fish but also to the other aquarium fish you have in your main aquarium.

  Now disease in aquarium fish mainly occurs due to bacterial, fungal or parasitic attack so it can cause variety of diseases like white spot, itch, swim bladder and many other diseases. You can identify a sick and diseased aquarium fish by the symptoms it shows like not eating food, laying on the bottom of the aquarium or floating at the top, white spot on the body, fin rot etc.

How to treat Sick or diseased Aquarium Fish ?

  If you doubt your fish is sick or have witnessed any illness like white spot, swim bladder problems, fin rot etc. You should move them immediately to a Quarantine Aquarium. So you need to build a quarantine aquarium first. Building a quarantine aquarium is very easy and cheap you can choose any old aquarium or fish tank that may be lying around in your house and set it up as Quarantine aquarium. If you have freshwater fish build a freshwater quarantine aquarium and if you have salt water fish make a saltwater quarantine aquarium with pH or salinity matching your main  salter aquarium. You should always make a Quarantine Aquarium to keep your sick or diseased aquarium fish or to keep the new fish you bring from pet store so that you can examine for any illness in it.

 Each symptoms shown by sick or diseased fish is caused by different organism like white spot on eye is an protozoan attack, stringy poop is internal parasite problems. Check what symptom your sick fish is showing and search then on the internet for knowing the causing agent. Once the causing agent is identified you can select the appropriate medicine for  it and stick to medicine dosage to your sick fish. Usually dosage instructions is mentioned on the medicine labels. I have made a video about making a quarantine aquarium by yourself check the video here to know more about quarantine aquarium and how to identify and treat your sick fish and what all medicine you should go for just in case the need arrives.

Treat the Sick or diseased Aquarium fish

You should always make a Quarantine Aquarium to keep your sick or diseased aquarium fish or to keep the new fish you bring from pet store so that you can examine for any illness in it.

  Mainly the diseases is caused by three major organisms that is bacteria, parasite and fungi. Currently some medicine are available on market for treating sick or diseased fish. Well known API General Cure is used to treat parasitic fish diseases. API Erythromycin is used to treat bacterial fish diseases. Seachem Metroplex treats protozoan parasites and anaerobic bacterial diseases in fish kept in main aquarium. Also Seachem Paraguard eradicates Ectoparaites and fungal, bacterial and viral lessions and used when initial sign of illness is detected in fish. There are many more medicines like Anti ich, API Melafix, Betta fix etc. Some medicine binding powder like Seachem Focus are also used to bind medicine like Seachem Metroplex to fish food so that medicine could go inside fish stomach and intestine and eradicates any infection there. You can refer the video shown to know more about setting up a quarantine aquarium and treating different medicine to sick fish.

 Setting Up a Quarantine Aquarium and buying all required medicine are the initial steps to curing your fish diseases. Actual cause is made when you identify your fish disease, the causing agent and treat them with correct medicine and stick recommended dosage until the disease is cured. I hope you find this post useful about treating aquarium fish disease. You can comment your questions or suggestions in the comment section below. Subscribe to our email listing to get future blog post notifications. You also subscribe me on YouTube I make various top list videos, videos on aquarium fish and hobby etc. I will find you in next post till then bye and take care.

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