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Oats is a Better Choice for Healthy Diet

 Waking up in the morning is as tiresome as making a breakfast during that time. Even if the breakfast is made with iddales, vada or dosa there is still sleepy mood all up to the afternoon peak. So why is it so, doesn’t the breakfast provides sufficient energy till afternoon [...]

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Microsoft Band: A fitness tracker with Microsoft Health

  For the first time in the history Microsoft has introduced a fitness cum smartphone wearable called the Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band is more of a fitness tracker which give summaries of your sleep, steps, exercise and calories burned. It helps anyone to achieve their fitness goals with the help of Microsoft Health [...]

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Color Psychology: 10 Ways Colors Trick You Every Day

Colors have the power to influence our choices and change our feelings at first glance.   Photo courtesy of  Imgur, Color has the power to evoke emotion, stimulate appetite, and even make babies cry. […]

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6 Things to avoid to prevent lower Sperm Count

Prevent lower sperm count. Here are six things men may not realize are damaging their sperm count. Men worry so much about the amount of sperm they produce that they sometimes forget how important the quality of their sperm is to fertility. […]

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Allergies: What solutions can be made?

Allergies: When the immune system is functioning abnormally and when it comes into contact with a harmful molecule or foreign substance for the first time, it analyzes and stores the chemical characteristics of the foreign body to produce antibodies that will neutralize him later if it is again coming to [...]

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