For the first time in the history Microsoft has introduced a fitness cum smartphone wearable called the Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band is more of a fitness tracker which give summaries of your sleep, steps, exercise and calories burned. It helps anyone to achieve their fitness goals with the help of Microsoft Health App. Microsoft Health is an online health service platform from Microsoft itself and it gathers the information about your health and fitness when you use the band on a daily basis. Microsoft Health is in turn tied up with various other health service providers to provide more actionable insights from the data collected from the device and hence the band tends to improve your fitness workouts with tips and alerts when you use it on regular basis during your workouts.

 So if you are a person who is health consciousness or your daily work requires you to be fit, active and physical well performing then Microsoft Band could be your best personal fitness trainer. Microsoft Band is not only for Windows Phone, but it is designed to work for all other platforms as well that is iOS and Android. You can download the Microsoft Health app on any mobile devices ruining Windows, iOS or Android and the app can be well instructive dashboard for your health and fitness goals.



   Microsoft Band wearable display is 1.4 inch and look very much like a band around your wrist. Surprising fact is that despite being such a small wearable with small display, Microsoft Band is packed with all efficient sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, capacitive, skin temperature, ultraviolet light, ambient light, optical heart rate, microphone, galvanic skin response). These sensor are offered in other wearable out there in market in much bulkier design and at a more costlier prices. The battery life of this wearable is up two days or near to 48 hours as long as the GPS is not used much frequently.

  microsoft-band-1With Microsoft Health one can upload as many workouts routines as they want and get more actionable insights on what exercise to do or steps to take. The sensitive sensors counts your reps during workouts and alerts you for workout rate, next steps etc like a fitness trainer. Wear this band at night and the 24 hours heart rate monitor could tell you when your bpm raised during the sleep if you encounter a night terror or something like that. It could always tell how much hours you slept but based on your routine it can even suggests you how much sleep you should be taking for the day. Since this device is powered by Microsoft Health, it could provide many such fitness tips and insights that could bring meaningful changes to your fitness and can help you  achieve your fitness goals in very short time.

 Besides fitness, Microsoft Band is designed to help you be more productive at work. The wearable can connect to social networks like facebook or twitter, pull in emails from phone, can see incoming calls or voice mails and much more. In Windows OS phones one can do many of these task on the half of Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, though Cortana support is not found for Android or iOS phones yet, but with Bluetooth connectivity the bands provides all the packed features as it does on Windows phones. There are complaints about band not so comfortable around wrist, less battery life, less responsive for iPhones etc. but the device notable features and efficiency easily out scores these little disadvantages that is currently present in it.

Microsoft Band costs around $200 or nearly 14,000 Indian rupees and comes in small, medium or large sizes based on the persons wrist sizes. The device is full customization according to one’s look and feel. With sleek design, more features and promising Microsoft Health Support, the device is a cheaper and the most sort out product than its rival wearable presently available in market. Scope of Improvement is also more for Microsoft band and all the three major platform compatibility that is windows, iOS and Android, may help the device later to undergo drastic improvement from the mobile phone OEM themselves. So Microsoft band is a best choice if you are going for a fitness tracker & smartphone wearable now.

Microsoft Band

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