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   Do you have a local store or run any other business or services in India like restaurants, clubs or retail shops, then promote your business by making business listings on our website and let your business reach more people. Listing your local business or services takes minimal charges and your listing remain published in our websites for as long as you want them to be. Just pay the minimal charge for listings and our website will promote your business for a lifetime.

Why you should make a Business Listing ?

  We verify your business listings. Once the listings are posted and marked in our directory it is submitted to major search engines like google, bing etc. Your listing becomes then listed in search engines and more online customers could find your business according to their relevant search queries. Online Advertising, newsletters and promotions from our end, tends to make your listing visible to even more number of peoples

  Describe about your business, provide appealing pics and add your website link, phone numbers or location details. People will see your business connect with your business on details provided or follow you on social networks. Providing relevant description of what your business could offer makes them more interested in your services.

  Our listing services lets your potential customers to communicate and contact with you on your provided contact details. Your interested customers can send emails with our integrated email tool attached with listing or they can contact you on the phone numbers provided. If you have provided your social network links they can follow and connect with your business on social networks.

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So what you are waiting for. Follow the easy steps listed in the form below to get your business register with us and once your application is approved we will list your business on our website. Please note all payment for Paid Business Listing are one-time and your listing remain in our website for as long you want them to be. Fill out the application below for registering and listing your business.

1. Sign Up with our Classified Website, by visiting the link below.

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2. Enter the details which was used while registering.

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Once you click the Submit Button in the next stage you will be redirected to the payment gateway for "Business Listing Fee".

Use the Previous Button to correct any information that you may want to. If you don't want to make the payment then do not submit this application by clicking Submit button.

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If you get any problems in submitting the application then use our Forums and post your issue in Support Category. To visit forums and submit the issue click here.

   You can also sell your products online in our online shop and even post discussions on our forums which addresses your top customer queries. Besides we can provide paid business or service review pages for you as well.

Frequently Asked

Yes, But any entity that is registered with the government undertakings and have genuine and legal business or service can apply for business listing on our website.
Yes, Unless you pay the necessary listing charges and fill the application form with correct and complete details your listing will not go live on our website.
Yes, It’s recommended but it is asked only when your application is approved. We can also make videos or images for your business or services at little extra charges. This includes the video sample you provide us or we come to your business location and take.
Once you make required payments and your application is approved for correct details, your listing can stay on our website for as long as you want them to be.