Are you an authorized  merchant or retailer with efficient dispatch and delivery system and teams. Then join us as seller on Finysel Seller Marketplace and list your products on our newly started online shop. Don’t just rely and post your products on one website, if you are a merchant looking to receive more orders and make more sales then look no further Finysel Online Shop is here to help you.

How to sell on Finysel Online Shop ?

  There are a large variety of categories to list your products each category tailored to provide the best selection features for its products. Choose the category you want to list your products on and add all necessary details about it. Once listed our support team could check and make the necessary changes required for your listed products. And that’s it we provide all the marketing support and precautions for your listed products at no extra cost. Just wait to receive orders, fulfill the orders received and once we get the satisfactory product delivery confirmation from customer we will provide your payment. So it is that simple process for you to make more sales and make more money. Follow these 4 Easy Steps.

selling tips

    You can register your business with our online shop and list your products or you can provide us your details and we can register your business and create a selling account for you with our online shop. We can post your products online in our website at a minimum charge of 25 Rupees per products. In both cases you can get full support and necessary corrections from our sales & support team. Select any of the best option of seller membership with Finysel Online Shop and/or other related services. The available seller memberships are shown below, please select the membership that suits you and register as a seller on our shop, classifieds or other finysel services.

Current Seller Membership Plans


  • 20 Products per month
  • Less Before Sales Support
  • Less After Sales Support
  • No Business Listing
  • No Product Reviews
  • No Product Banner 
  • Low FrontPage Listing


  • 50 Products per month
  • Medium Before Sales Support
  • Medium After Sales Support
  • Business Listing
  • No Product Reviews
  • 15 Days Product Banner 
  • 15 Days FrontPage Listing


  • 100 Products per month
  • Full Before Sales Support
  • Full After Sales Support
  • Business Listing
  • Product Reviews
  • 30 Days Product Banner 
  • 30 Days FrontPage Listing

  Select your membership type and fill in the form below with all relevant details. Once we receive all details we will process your application and register you with our online shop. You will get your log in credentials soon after your application has been approved. Please remember that you have to be an authorized merchant or retailer for applying as a seller and you have to submit necessary documents in regards to your business for your applications to be processed further and get approved.

Why you should join Us ?

We are the emerging company in e-commerce industry. We have just started our e-commerce website and we need the support and trust of sellers who can provide genuine and quality goods for our online customers. Your dedication and sincere works with us can reward you with the badge of most reliable and trusted retailer from our company and indeed bring more reputation for your online presence, known for 100% genuine product dispatch.  We further advertise and promote the genuine and quality products from our end with our online advertising, notification or promotion newsletters and many other means.

Promoted Platform

promoted platform

Constantly promoted by all digital marketing techniques that lets your listed products reach more people.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Get boost to your business when you progressively makes sales with us.

Ease of Selling

Ease of Selling

Get registered easily and start selling right away at your comfort with all in built tools ready for you.

Excellent Supports

Get all the support you require from listing your products to sales to receiving your payments totally free.

   So if you have those quality products that we are looking for and all prepared catalogs for it, then join us today on our Seller Marketplace and grow your retail or local business with us.