This is the scariest and nerve cracking game I played earlier this year. At the beginning I was so nervous that even aiming at the zombies was very challenging for me. I had to watch some play through by famous you tubers to somehow figure out this game. Nonetheless  the game was very satisfying to finish. Remembering the codes and solving puzzle under such frightening game play was indeed like acquiring a pro gamer skill. It was until I got weapon upgrades and more hip pouches the game became more fun to play through.

  Resident Evil 2 remake is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. Players can control police officer Leon S. Kennedy or college student Claire Redfield as they attempt to escape from Raccoon City during a zombie apocalypse. It is a remake of the 1998 game Resident Evil 2, and was released worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on January 25, 2019. The game received acclaim for its presentation, gameplay, and faithfulness to the original series. After the first month of release, the game shipped four million copies worldwide. Resident Evil 2 Remake is designed in Simplygon studios and with new RE engine, the RE Engine helped developers to craft real world objects to in game entities that means the persons face and weapons are crafted from real world personals and real weapons and objects. This has added to the impressiveness of the game. Ratings from top game reviews like IGN, Common sense media, Metacritics etc. are all high for this game you check the ratings at the bottom of this post in the tab ratings. Such a high rating definitely means something promising for the gamers and the value for their money. There are some glitches and air floating experience but it happens only in very rare scenarios.

 I played this game on PS4 Pro console, like I said earlier the game is also available for download on Xbox and PC. Like I said earlier I enjoyed the game when I completed it. If you are also going to play this games I can give some advise and experience to help you get started. Resident Evil 2 remake is sure a strategic game you cannot shot any amount of bullets or run to any place carrying anything you like, the games allows to use specific amount of bullets or weapons and stress on managing your inventory well and that makes the game more thrilling and challenging to play. You can play in Assisted, Standard and Hardcore modes. Assisted means the game will assist you to shoot properly, regain health and face enemies that are less strong. Standard mode you can play in normal difficulty while in hardcore mode saving the game require ink ribbon, you get limited weapons and face stronger enemies. After completing the game in either Leon or Claire there is 2nd Run option available in which certain game parts and cut scenes are different. Also each game finish unlocks special weapons with unlimited usage. When you finish a story mode certain grades are provided like A,B or C. If you finish the game in hardcore in under 3 and a half hour you get A grade unlock high damage causing weapons, special sexy costumes and get infinite health in 2nd Run and which seems like playing the game in God mode but this is very hard to unlock. But there are players out there that have finished the game in such low time and limited saves. My advice for new players for this game is that manage your inventory well, shoot the zombies in head or at legs to make them move slower or shoot them in head couple of times until you hear a blood oozing out sound. If you can’t take out the enemies run away from them and if you cannot find a way search every room, examine every item you get. Don’t waste ammo and herbs, discard items you no longer need. And finally and most importantly stay strong and enjoy the game. That’s the wrap up of my game playing experience and useful tips about this game. If you still have any comments or suggestions about this game leave it in the comment section below. If you are looking for locker codes or other safe codes or any code in general, which by the way the game has in lots of different stages just search from the videos in the complete playlist below and I am sure it will help you out.

 I have also uploaded some playthrough of the game on YouTube. You can refer them too, also subscribe my gaming channel for gameplay videos. You can search the YouTube search by keyword “Gamysel” to find my gaming channel.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

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