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Brown Curipera Discus Fish

Brown Curipera Discus Fish
Brown Curipera Discus Fish

Special kind of Brown Curipera Discus Fish with few blue pattern on the body rim and wild black stripes on the body. Obtain from captive cross breeding different discus variants. Only one available at the moment.

AreaAmazon river basin in South America. Now available in most countries
Water Condition
Aquarium TypeFreshwater Aquariums
pHBetween 6.0 to 7.0
GH18 to 70 ppm
KH0 to 25 ppm
TDS200 to 300 ppm, breeding below 200 ppm
Required Temperature
Temperature28 to 31 °C
DietTetra Bitz Complete, Australian Black worms, processed beef heart and live foods like brine shrimps,
Fish Keeping
TankmatesSimilar Discus Fish, Community Fish and Less Aggressive Fish

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  • Model: Discus Fish
  • Weight: 100.00g
  • Dimensions: 5.00in x 1.00in x 4.00in
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