Are you searching for a tool that can help customize different work process like designing, planning, communicating and publishing. Your work may have different process to go through but you may be lost or left confused in different stages. So whether you are running a small or medium businesses or a large scale one there must be some way to get your work done more easily and effectively with more productive and user friendly tools. The answer to these problems is the Google Apps for Work which lets you get customized emails and productive tools like google sheets, docs, slides and much more. There are many tools like google apps for work like Zoho Online Office Suite, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Dropbox etc but google apps for work is the best in class based on its pricing and easy to use interface.

Why choose Google Apps for Work ?

  When you compare the Google Apps for Work with other business collaborations app that are in the top charts in the market you will certainly know that Google Apps has certainly more extra edge than others. Below is the simple comparison of google apps with other leading collaboration apps.

AppsGoogle Apps for WorkMicrosoft Office 365Share point
Pricing$ 5.00 per month$4.00 per month$3.00 per month
Platforms Supported
Web basedcheck-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25
iPhone Appscheck-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25uncheck-icon-25x25
Android Appscheck-icon-25x25uncheck-icon-25x25uncheck-icon-25x25
Windows Appscheck-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25uncheck-icon-25x25
Online Supportcheck-icon-25x25uncheck-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25
Knowledge basecheck-icon-25x25uncheck-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25
Video Tutorialcheck-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25check-icon-25x25
Total Integrations Supported1508288

Advantages of Using the Google Apps for Work

So if you are running a small or medium business Google Apps is best for you. Get started today and get your work done faster among your team. Google Apps for Work is the best in class collaboration apps for team available now in the web.

Google Apps for Work

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