If you already liked our website, we need to inform all our well-wishers something about our project hurdles. If you haven’t visited finysel website, you should know that there are four applications

on our website for users to use namely online shop, classifieds, news & blogs and forums. As newly launched website, it is certainly hard time for getting all essential requirements at one place. After Finysel was launched it was recognized that there are several challenges to take it to the next level. There is a requirement of large amount of money to make it more operationally, efficient and effective in general public views. And if we plan to open branch in other countries then the cost will be still higher. If you already liked our website, want to be active member of it in future or like to make your contributions to help us build things up for you, you can do so my send your donations below.

As drawn from scratch the following are the possibilities that may be a roadblock to finysel development in one specific country.

Module Cost

       Finysel requires a common seller platform to enable users to sell products on finysel onlineshop. A module called Marketplace is to be integrated to finysel online shop for it to enable users to sell products on finysel. The module cost around 200$. Besides finysel plans to have single sign solutions for its users other than authorized sellers this login need to be made from web application developer that will cost also. So is the stage for donations from audiences so that these modules are added as soon as possible.

     Once these module are integrated, any person can open online shop and create product listing inside finysel online shop or use common login for using all of our app services. We will be more interested in the digital products than other commercial products. If product has worldwide branches and can ship products worldwide at low cost then they will certainly be entertained. But if more commercial seller join and post their products we will work to bring such products too for the marketing. Our business is always on marketing of best products and gaining more registered user community.

Content Creations

       As finysel is evolved from scratch. Besides having a good demand and supply links, the main factor that drive traffic and make sales are good content base. But as competitions and challenges are very critical for finysel development, we need to set things at non-profit level and let profitable aspects to work for us. Contents that wins the heart of its audience are very rare and hard to find. So besides hoping for traffic, finysel should exist for its good gallery of contents that drives people again and again. These type of content creations in fact need more co-ordinations, tools and equipments. We need good contents for our online shop, blog, forums and video channels.

      We need a studio for good content creations like good cameras, creation tools and editing and publishing means. So if finysel has no sales for the day then it should entertain its audience and motivate them for buying stuff from our shop. So best content titles can bring money as well besides bring sales it can give ad revenue as well. The estimated cost for studio creation in cheapest possible way is around 4000-6000$.

Employees for the Company

       Once finysel is operational and getting customers, it will have more assignments everyday and managing them is very difficult task. As every company do we also could require engineers, developers and more of support profiles to take finysel to next level. That means they have to be paid fairly for the work they do. It will require a fair amount to be invested in the bank for them and based on the estimated profit from them, the salaries would be defined and changed from time to time. This require and calls for good investors to invest money for finysel project and run employee on profitable project.

      But as all knows investors relations can go anytime overpowering and company could be sold to them anytime if profits won’t reach the desired level. That is very critical to what finysel is all about. We are here to create more employability rather than bring in more competitions and recessions. So investors will be welcomed on non-profit basis and share of everybody would be the part they do in achieving that profits.

     So we need generous investors that could invest money on non-profit basis and cultivate a culture of more employability and support for lifes. All money of investors will be fixed in bank and the interest earned from the bank will be used for pay for employees and develop finysel to next level. Once we have strong and good platform the investors can estimate nearly similar profits of any ecommerce business. The estimated investors money would be anyway around 32,000$ to 1,00,000 $ and yearly profits from sales and ads from finysel would be around 4,000,000 $ or more. So if all things goes well the estimate can easily be achieved.

             So without all these essential our project will be really struggling to breakthrough. As general audience you can make the finysel project development complete by giving your generous and continued support. You as an audience who can be a potential investor, buyer, critic or liking person can help us in the following ways.

  1. Making Generous Donations to the crowdfunding. ( Visit: finysel.com and scroll to end of the page).
  2. Registering with our online shop, classified, or forums.
  3. Being a team member for creating contents and site administrations.
  4. Subscribing our Youtube Channels and giving your interactions and support to it.
  5. Lastly, if you are looking for investing in some business, then you are welcomed as are our valued investors. Please visit Finysel and use contact us for sending us your message with subject ” Finysel investors “. Further plans and details will be then enquired from you.

Please check our upcoming blog pretty soon to know how you can give your contributions by above means in detail with all links.

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