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ADA Phyton Git SOL

ADA Phyton Git SOL
ADA Phyton Git SOL

Phyton Git SOL is an antibacterial agent against blue-green algae (BGA), which is based on Phyton Git PLUS and consists of plant extracts with antiseptic components. Phyton Git SOL works very efficiently by directly treating affected areas. Phyton Git SOL is considerably thicker and more acidic than Phyton Git PLUS and thus achieves a significantly longer duration of efficacy with improved dosage options at the same time.

  • Effective BGA control agent from planted aquariums
  • Can be applied directly to the infested areas
  • Long exposure time due to high viscosity
  • Improved product of ADA Phyton Git PLUS
  • Available in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles

In case of affliction, first suction away the existing blue-green algae - as good as possible - using a tube and then apply the product directly to the affected areas. The 100 ml container comes with a practical dropper (not included with the 500 ml bottle). If the base pane is beset, squirt the product directly into the substrate. In case of recurring infestation, the treatment may be applied for several days.


Phyton Git SOL is strongly dosed and very acidic. If behavioural anomalities occur in fish or shrimp, plants turn off-colour or even lose their colour completely, it is necessary to change the water immediately. Phyton Git SOL is not a prophylactic product, but a targeted emergency measure. The sister product Phyton Git PLUS is suitable for the prevention of plant diseases

Product TypeAntibacterial Solution
Model NameADA Phyton Git SOL
Weight100 ml

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