I have played Mass Effect Andromeda completely and I really enjoyed the game. The game is actually about exploring the Andromeda Galaxy. First of all player Sara or Scott Ryder wakes up in Andromeda Galaxy following a 634 year journey. The Pathfinder and N7 team are travelling in arc Hyperion which got struck by mysterious dark energy called Scourge. This makes one of the sibling sleeping in cryogen in serious health condition. Now the pathfinder are assigned the mission of finding new home for humanity in Andromeda galaxy  which are called the golden worlds.

The game is really challenging and pathfinder has to fight the alien creatures, enemy kett and mysterious synthetic race, the remnants which later turned out to be helping thing for transforming the golden worlds. Though game had glitches and tamperings during playthrough, the timely updates were able to fix almost all of them. But still the game is said to non-responsive or glitched at some stage. The other bad thing about the game is player has to travel far off distances and yet there is more to cover.  Thanks to the jump jet nomad and tempest the travelling part was made easy. The combat and visuals are improved from previous series so yes the game had something good to offer the players.

Interesting thing about the game is the game was built on Frostbite 3 engine and it is completely different from the engine used in previous trilogy which means that the development team had to build everything from the scratch. All the characters and aliens and elements or topology was built from nothing and I think this was why it suffered character animations flaws and technical issues which was the main criticism for this games as per the video game publishers.

 I played this game on PS4 console and experience where remarkable. The enhanced visuals and combat weapons really enhanced the playthrough. One problem frequently encountered before final updates where the floor going missing and the characters parts extending through the surrounding elements sometimes. Overall the game is really good with lots of planets to explore and fight kett and remnant creatures. The selection of weapons played a crucial role as combats where not of cover type but more mobile. My favorite weapons where the remnant assault rifle and remnant paw assault rifles. Also my favourite golden worlds where the havarl, voeld and meridian. You have to play this game to know what is more thrilling about it. A good gaming room and set up will certainly enhance the gaming experience. I have stick to journal flow in the options that made me complete the task sequentially and cover the game much faster and I recommend the same to other gamers. Don’t plan to hop from planet to planet to complete the task it will be much tedious. Also gather enough research data and elements by searching around the combat areas so that it can be used for weapon upgrades in research centers.

 I uploaded some playthrough of the game on YouTube. You can refer them too, also subscribe my gaming channel for gameplay videos. You can search the YouTube search by keyword Gamysel to find my gaming channel.

Mass Effect Andromeda

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